Saturday, October 01, 2005

I apologize for not posting. It's not like just anyone can start one of these.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I've never really liked making predictions. Unless you're Trev Alberts your opinion doesn't seem to count, but none the less they're pretty popular on blogs for a reason or two, the biggest course is that...They're easy.

Notre Dame @ Washington

Washington just really isn't playing great football. Weis and company will roll over the Huskies despite any home advantage Seattle (Man I love Seattle...) might provide. The media said during the off season it would be a long time before Notre Dame could put together anywhere near a 10 win season. The Irish will lose atleast 2 more games this year (Tenessee & USC,) but there's no chance Washington will be included. ND by 17.

USC @ Oregon

Oregon has looked pretty decent on the offensive side of the ball this year. Yeah, they racked most of their yards against Houston and Montana, but by the Fresno game they looked they could execute their new Utah/BYU/Texas/Oregon hybrid offense pretty well. Enough to score 30 on USC? No, but Oregon plays well at home and will should give a solid 4 quarters unless they're down by 40+. This is a better team then Arkanasas and they're in Autzen too. Home team gets an extra touchdown... Oregon could beat Arkansas by 2 touchdowns. A mathematician says: USC: 70 Oregon: 38

Hawaii @ Idaho
Hawaii plays crappy on the mainland... Idaho was blown out by a pretty mediocre Washington squad...
The game will come down to which QB can execute. Both have completed over 60% of their passes with Brennan at almost 70. I'm going to take Idaho in a poorly executed nail biter. Idaho by a field goal.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Pac 10 ref's suck.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

If College Football was decided by who is "in the lead the most", instead of who is "in the lead in the end..."

  • USC Still would have crushed Oklahoma
  • Boise State still would have lost to Georgia
  • Oregon State would have lost in a blowout to Boise State last week

  • The National championship would only have taken a little over a half hour. Unfortunately, we know the BCS would have no part in cutting out those 40 TV time-outs for commercials.
  • Boise State, well...still...would have lost to Georgia. But it would have been over at half time + a minute.
  • BSU would be sitting at .500 and working their way past a 1 game winning streak.

Think it over.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Flying standby aside, I'm going to Eugene this weekend to watch the Fresno and Oregon game. I genuinely expect Fresno to win as they've seemed to continue their momentum from their MPC Bowl win over Virginia, where as the Ducks looked pretty flat against Houston and still a little unsure of their new offense against Montana. On the other hand, Fresno hasn't done real well against Oregon in the last decade or so. In 2002 Oregon won 28 to 24, but these are very different teams. Fresno returned 80 starters and Oregon is starting a completely new, spread offense...

A nice benefit of visiting Eugene though is that I don't care to much who wins either way, so it ought to be a pretty good time regardless of the outcome. Fresno by 7!

- $14 for a standing room only ticket
- $19 for a bunk bed in a sweet Hostel
- $2.40 for 2 day bus passes on Saturday and Sunday

I really think it'll be guaranteed fun. Not to mention, if the game is flat, theres always Oregon Cheerleaders and hippies to look forward to.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Favorite fan quote while in Corvallis:

"Have fun playing in the Humanitarian Bowl for the 3rd straight year..."

2004: Liberty bowl
2003: Ft. Worth Bowl
2002: Humanitarian Bowl


All in all Corvallis was a real decent experience. The drive from Boise isn't all that bad, maybe a little over 7 hours to see a pretty cool football town. Plenty of tailgaiting before the game and in the 2nd quarter (Never have seen so many fans cooking hotdogs with 7 minutes left in the half...) and mostly decent fans.

Although I was in the BSU section, the game itself wasn't real loud up until the 4th quarter when Z led us to victory on that last minute scoring drive. Err, forgot we didn't have any time outs left. Though we didn't win and Zabransky honestly appears to have very, very, very little confidence, there was a few things to be happy about:

1. The heavy hail and rain lasted just long enough to make me sopping wet, but not soaking wet.

2. Ian Johnson played very well, with a little over 70 yards on only 10 carries. (Another plus is that he emailed me and said the Beanie he knitted is ready for pick up.)

3. Mike Hass proved that highschool recruiting can mean absolutely nothing, (Not even lowly BSU offered him) finishing the game with 11 catches for 179 yards. 5 Star recruits? Who needs 'em!

One thing that surprised me after the game was that most fans weren't gracious after the game so much as just plain old quiet. On the 8 hour walk back to free parking I did encounter a few fans and one I spoke with said "Man, I know how you feel. Last year we went all the way to Boise and it was much, much worse." After talking for a bit it turns out last year they made the very, very long drive to Bronco Stadium all the way from...Meridian, ID. Don't kid yourself guys, that's a solid 15, maybe 20 minute drive. Regardless they were friendly and seemed well intentioned with recommending an alternate route for the drive back. He said I could save 2 and a half hours and have a much nicer drive. A little bit of a stretch timewise, all together I might have saved 10 minutes, but six or seven bucks in gas.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Lord knows it's easier to make graphics for a website than put "real" content, hope you like the new Title art. I messed around with a lot of colors, but staying away from any particular team seems to work best.

It's nearly 1am and I've got almost 500 miles between me and Corvallis, hope to provide an in-depth review of how the Bronco's bounced back, or how Oregon pushes ahead Sunday.

Until then...